Shanghai Longfeng several page optimization suggestions

From the user’s point of view:

four, the layout of the beginning and end of words, in the middle of 1-2 words and keywords.

three, the optimization of the picture, to add ALT tag, the picture that is the largest.

Keywords: From the perspective of


two, when writing the content on the website, 1, write natural keyword link 2, write related keywords to link

ZAC said, page optimization itself is very simple, after all, do less work, not so complicated, architecture extends the chain so big. Xuzhou billion net today is not about code redundancy, CSS style (JS code) if you call on this page the optimization question, can love Shanghai Webmaster Tools "page optimization suggestions" plate to check it, as follows:

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page contains the content is very much, including the HTML code, CSS style, JS, pictures, there may be a FLASH animation and other kinds of resources. According to the web page optimization, resource optimization, the mode is not the same.

we need to do is very simple, for example beech stairs site, so some attention:

on page optimization, suggest that we should not be too full, now the search engine judgment has improved, as long as the words, some of the point through the station and outside the station, the search engine will know what is the page keywords. Do too full, may make the search engine that is optimized over the page.

meta page, the title is the most important, there once, a long title, there will be two times.


In fact, as

page optimization effective may make pages load faster, allowing users to operate more convenient, more friendly to the user experience.

well, you say so much, think more about the need to pay attention to the details of the station, come to share with you. This paper from the original episode to beech stairs 贵族宝贝jscsmy贵族宝贝/ station, please indicate the source and Paul >



page optimization can effectively reduce the number of requests in order to realize the function, reduce broadband, save resources for other people to use.

also, "to streamline the code, search engine has a certain value in the capture of the website such as 100K, if there are a lot of junk code for your website, search engines crawl to the body, is cut off, then you have no correlation between the content of the website.

Such as: When The

3, a label

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