Right down the website included from 1 6W down to a few do

first case: the site is down right, keywords ranking drop you do

can search through your website owned brand term, institutions such as " " Qingdao Deren Skin Disease Hospital; check the home page ranking, if not in the first few pages, that your site does have the right, this is no doubt a webmaster.

The The ?

(1) through the relevant keyword Webmaster Tools query your site’s ranking, if the keyword ranking from the home page has been reduced to simply can not find, this means your site has been down the right, or by direct search keywords ranking Shanghai love view, or you

website is down right of every webmaster may experience, after all, love Shanghai in the unceasing renewal, may one day, when you wake up in the morning, suddenly found a collection of content between you struggling to reduce a lot of a website, or in the love of Shanghai site couldn’t get home, some websites even a K is not left, encounter this kind of situation is also possible to love Shanghai error. If so, you can rest assured that you sleep soundly, because love Shanghai once adjusted, he will return to your site included, so don’t worry too much, if the problem lies in your own factors, the situation is serious, you will find that a sharp decrease in the reverse link the search engine, and even can not find their own site figure in the search engine, all of these signs are telling you: feel shy, your site is down right or be K off!, search engines will not tell you I am going to K your website, search engine is relentless, but for the website right down and K, as a webmaster how you do, you will go to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum for help

(2) using site or domain love Shanghai, in order to check their site fell in love with the sea, to their own web page not found by site:www.***贵族宝贝 as the query results, or the use of domain:www.& & &贵族宝贝 order inquiry, found love Shanghai

down the right site we cannot avoid, may be the cause of the people, may also lead to a server, hacker attacks and other factors, my website is because the server was hacked, causing the site long time not open, eventually love Shanghai right down, but this is love on the site right down Shanghai mild punishment, the slight drop right includes the website Web site keywords ranking drop sharply, love Shanghai, not updated snapshot and other factors, right down the website will mainly have the following several kinds of obvious features, as a webmaster you need to know.

field is not in the first, the two cases directly show that your site is down right, it is necessary to remind the webmaster, do not give up their own site, waiting to see.

(3) a snapshot of the site and the site snapshot included problems, not to say.

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