Shanghai dragon age and the impact of 2 direct promotion of soft green

and Scindapsus 2 for some sites everywhere release promotion of the soft phenomenon, we have been through a variety of ways of treatment. On the one hand, filter clean up the garbage outside chain; on the other hand, the appropriate punishment for the target site. However, this phenomenon still exists. For example, the obvious soft Wen promotion are as follows, be too numerous to enumerate. We will through the algorithm of 2 more green more rigorous treatment.

second, increase penalties for the target site; this is about to buy (the source of the news website of the strike, the main reason, I believe you have to understand. The smooth implementation of love of Shanghai’s original spark program, or to remove many of the advertising content, and content is not meaningful, will present more useful things to search engine users. Such as: the love link website of Shanghai in the announcement of the algorithm, this is obviously a soft Wen promotion effect.

love Shanghai in order to strengthen their website for news source original spark plans to support high quality, more creative, novel search results, and more to help the user content, Shanghai launched the 2 algorithm Scindapsus love. Scindapsus 2 algorithm is mainly for some buy site news source of punishment. Shanghai could not be punished because of love for the news source site, that is to say, love Shanghai not to the NetEase, Sina, Sina and so on a website blog again, for their punishment, punishment for the love of Shanghai, a benefit without harm, rather than on the website to buy the news source for punishment. To be more honest. Less people buy, those who sell natural have no business to do.

first, increase the filtering soft outside the chain of efforts; (most soft outside the chain, in order to release the chain and manufacturing soft, often this part is not readable, too much or not quite readable, the blog, such as the Shanghai love the example of Sina blog promotion software of its stock the real meaning, but with the chain, many such content, is created in order to release the chain.

third, to release the soft site into > bearing

with on-line Scindapsus algorithm, most of the people think that the chain of combat has come to an end of the attendant, is the origin of the algorithm and love Shanghai original spark program began to spark program, but also to the Internet in many criticism gradually surfaced, the love of Shanghai’s original star fire plan is the most important source of the news website, and in the news source site, there are many news sources to sell soft and promote some phenomenon, it will directly affect the results included love Shanghai, as well as the release of the original articles. For example, you are in search of a news or a keyword, often there will be a business or some soft Wen promotion what people do, and if in the above these soft Wen promotion plus the original, and the author, it seems a bit not round, and also a serious injury to the user experience behavior.

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