The advantage of optimize the structure of the station site

is the author of a web site before establishing a good think we should consider how to layout the station structure, although the need to establish basic code structure of the station, but according to most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work experience, obviously the station structure will affect the quality of the search engine on our website included, so as to optimize the staff recommendations on the code learn some more. The structure of the station from the different angle to sum up 4 kinds of advantage.

This is optimize the structure of the station site

from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, the keyword density too much has been a lot of people think Shanghai Longfeng optimization is relatively easy to be K, but according to the analysis of some websites, the fact is not the case, if each keywords your website can be done with the anchor text link, link the last pages are related content, so that a search engine will think you are cheating, or even that the web search engine is to provide more information for users, the more love ", most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel only understand the keyword in there, not through the contrast keyword, the emissions of nature so, some people think that the keywords stack is cheating behavior.

The advantages of

: the increase in the degree of polymerization of

on site

is a web page access time, "bounce rate, is to this website or web page in the search engine ranking the stay time even if there are no clear data to prove that a user can affect the site’s ranking, but can increase website access depth is really a happy what website can seize the user is a good website, the website is to give users see, not a user website optimization is good, is of no significance. When the increase of the depth of access to the user on the website of the most conducive to the search engine on the web page included, if your website pages the article page may be the search engine that is not original, the search engine doesn’t give included, but through the layout of the page, so that users continue to access the web page, the web page is may be included, even in the search engine rankings also.

four: the increase of users on the web page.

three: increase user access depth

from the user perspective, when we are in the station layout, you can start a single page of the site, whether the home is the inside pages, to the layout of a particular core, one of the pages of the site there are some specific keywords, then all the contents of this the page should be associated with these keywords, regardless of the still picture, the benefits of doing so is when the user through the search engine came in as far as possible to meet the needs of users, increase the page viscosity, reduce the rate of jump out, because we can not accurately determine the users find the content of what is, if the page is rich in content, it means that you can meet more users.

pageThis is

two: increase keyword density

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