Station group website was born in Shanghai may not be useless for the optimization of the Dragon


website group management system into university website construction and management, in addition to the various departments of the university website in addition to a standard, a standard, a technical framework of management advantages, also has the following advantages:


in the university campus, different departments will establish their own web site, for the University, these different sites from different angles show the school appearance of the school, but also philosophy of scientific research, the professional education into one, it can be said that in different departments through the website as a name card show however, if these sites, if not together, site dispersion, information release disorder, management personnel are not fixed, this time is a waste of resources, management, use of the standing system, can solve a lot of problems.


was the university website for young people is the gathering place, be free to play, but many students choose the website QQ, renren贵族宝贝 such gathering, on the one hand, is similar to many university websites and government websites, the website has no management, website construction level is low, at the same time, many sites are given to students the maintenance, which bring many hidden dangers to the site, such as the students after graduation, site management may sometimes be found It differs from man to man., tampering with the phenomenon, which is not conducive to the development of efficient website.

second, various departments of the site in a relative lack of coordination, information isolation, the site data can not be shared, if each website has its own database, coupled with the development of language and database types are different, not compatible, can not achieve the sharing of resources between. This leads to the formation of islands of information, for the late update maintenance increased a lot of difficulties, and a website management personnel, will inevitably cause a waste of personnel, can not be unified management, and management personnel, standing in Shanghai Longfeng optimization perspective, greatly affect the search engine "station net favorability, this is not conducive to the development of the website

remember the grassroots webmaster to Shanghai dragon optimization, a webmaster hundreds of websites "feat"? The love Shanghai a "green radish" clean shaven. So, station group website construction of a sudden fire body vestige, become the forever pain grassroots webmaster heart, where there is a reasonable, we know that the first station group of Shanghai dragon is a kind of search engine cheating, however, in the construction of university website, station group has obtained the widespread application of

system management website group, basically can solve this problem, some relatively scattered and disorderly website, use website group, can greatly reduce the site management and maintenance of the technical threshold, can effectively achieve the information sharing and security at the same time, the high school information to the main website, is conducive to the increase in university network exposure. At the same time, with the increasing network supervision situation, stations using the hierarchical authority mechanism and information audit strict process management, to ensure the authenticity and security of information and prevent the negative information is

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