The biggest reason why most entrepreneurs fail is distractionQi run advertising network advertising

writes ideas as a way out of your apartment and exchanges with people. Don’t be afraid to steal your ideas, do what you like best. Don’t always think about how to find investors. Maybe you will realize that you don’t need investment at all.

finds something you’re really interested in. What do you want to change your life or the lives of others? What kind of impact? Entrepreneur Mark Cuban in the "rule of 12" business book said: "if a thing is not what you love, fascinates you, then don’t start."

4. says "no" to other ideas, one thing to perfection,

they speed up access to N fast, and it won’t affect the site access to.

hopes that system updates will allow web owners to experience better and earn higher revenues! Finally I wish you a happy New Year:

2. find the "

doesn’t check email and social networking two hours before work in the morning. Don’t let an email or a post take you a day or so.

1. controls the environment,

in order to complete the various promotion plan for advertisers, to enable more website owners to maximize the traffic into revenue, Qi run ad network has been in mode and method to explore the tireless efforts of the new. During the Spring Festival holiday on the occasion of Qi run ad network for 2 years since the biggest update, Qi run through the system can update the hope advertising for the two sides to provide more effective services.



focus, saying no to distracted mind". If you insist on doing this, you will reap a word: word of mouth.

below is the site’s main update section and the need for site owner instructions:

3. find something you like and start

, she argues, "the environment in which entrepreneurs live is full of information and noise."". If a man wastes all his energy, he will end up with nothing. As a result, she suggests that entrepreneurs focus their attention on the following 5 approaches.

entrepreneurs are not born with intelligence, but are trained many times in a cooperative environment. Therefore, the following techniques can be used to save time.

maintains offline office, in other words, will affect the attention of the site included in the software to intercept the blacklist.

" that really excites you

Abstract learn the five ways in the article that you can learn to concentrate.


drinks coffee, write a list of tasks, list what you are going to do on the day, and judge your tasks properly. Don’t turn off your computer after breakfast.

Tencent Francisco April 21st message, start-up company Piqers CEO Emily mace Ali Mese said that the biggest reason most entrepreneurs fail is distracted".

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keyrun has been doing N for a long time. Although many people do not like, but I used to do his pop. They used a week for normal operation, if you put their trash pop, every week income hundred pieces.

5. don’t care too much about other people’s ideas,

KeyRun advertising network important update announcement

registration, please point me in,


if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to prove yourself to others, then go back to the next step. Make sure your goals are led by passion and broad prospects. What you want to do is change the world, or you won’t do any work with passion. Now don’t waste your time reading this article. Get started quickly

in the process of creative practice, you will inevitably encounter distractions that, your brain might expand, the function of the product may be more and more.

Spring Festival is approaching, Qi run ad network to the 2 years old birthday! In the past 2 years, Qi run ad network thanks to the majority of owners and advertisers support.

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