Through the website statistics from different perspectives to examine and improve the conversion rat

statistics and the webmaster tools can be seen from the user into the site to browse websites which pages, landing page is what page, these can be seen by observing which pages are more popular, the most recent focus of attention in which, we can see the station optimization is to position within the chain plate or the ability to retain customers, see the user where to stay, then summarize the reflection, do not improve, and can effectively improve the conversion rate of PV.

IP and PV

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website conversion rate, every webmaster in pursuit of a data, we do stand is the goal of the search engine to attract users to visit our website, and then in the process of access to the site, put them into customers, and finally give us the money, in the process, the user is transferred to customers we are the most important, which directly affect the site’s profit and loss, no conversion rate of flow is of no value. Then the transformation of a website rate is high or low to see how

seems to have that software or tools can directly see the conversion rate of the site, the owners are relying on statistical tools or webmaster website data, then the rate of conversion, as we all know, the conversion rate = volume / flow, from the visual point of view, on the flow rate and volume determines the rate of conversion moreover, counted out this is just a data reference, will affect the conversion rate is far more than the size of the flow does not directly affect the conversion rate, and many other factors will affect the conversion rate, also need to be judged by many ways, here and we talk about how to find out the order conversion rate through the website statistics:

The residence time of From the

IP can show the popularity of your website, the website can be seen watching the number, and the PV can see the quality of the website, or can see website information is useful, these 2 are the foundation to improve the conversion rate, no access to websites and full of junk information how may bring the conversion rate. To improve the IP, people not much thought, is nothing more than to do more activities or engage in some of the popular vote what attracted. Improved PV, high quality content, add website related articles or the latest articles within the chain, do more, and user interaction, sharing button and so on, with the community a lot, do not write.

residence time can also watch straight out, this on the Internet.

access to a depth of

browsing trajectory

and PV are basically the same, but generally PV refers to the horizontal and vertical depth, access, improve access to the site, depth, can carry on a step by step guide customers, intermediate step less, more, people are impatient. This not line can look at some of the sales to guide customers to buy articles, or find some sales chat at the bullshit, there will be a deep understanding of this aspect.

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