nvalid page site rules

new sites we have not filled with good, only a few of the other articles are not content or duplicate pages, then we can directly extend the on-line search engine included our website, if our website has no change is still there is no content and a large number of duplicate pages, then the search engine will think this the website is an inferior website.

when a user entered into our web page, users find the content of the page is not what he needs, or the content of the page does not solve the problem he search keywords, or page too many ads directly affect the users for the content of the text of the page read, then this is on page the user does not have value or does not meet user needs page.

empty pages and content pages without needle will directly affect the weight, included and ranking for the new station, the worst case site directly by K off, and for the old website, if there is no old website content pages and a large number of empty pages, will directly cause a decline in the user experience of the website will be a serious score. In the site right down.

1. artificial

three, invalid

many people would first think of robo> will be used when dealing with invalid page

example of our old website, we are a product of our website, to locate according to the needs of users, product classification is very fine, but some products classification below page is blank or repeated, so the user’s browsing experience is a serious damage, we jump out rate will gradually increased that leads to the decrease of our keyword ranking.


1. on the search engine is no index value of the page is invalid page, generally refers to the content page, including our website registration page, landing page, repeat page etc..

, an invalid page refers to what

Whether or

sometimes we intentionally search engine spiders do the possible for users to read impassability, also the user is of no value.

2. for users without value (demand) page

For example,

every site will more or less there are some invalid useless pages, even empty pages, these pages either to the users and the search engines are not very friendly, if the user in this page are not found what users will immediately leave off the page, and the search engine spider crawling time if the site found a large number of pages are no content will affect our website ranking and weighting. So we need to put these invalid pages, today to share with you the invalid page processing rules.

mall enterprise website, blog invalid page can not be avoided, only a proportion of the existing problems.

website two, there are a large number of invalid page dangerous

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