What kind of website is propitious to optimize the user experience

3, the content of the website to have the quality of

is a perfect site structure is a prerequisite for website to get good rankings, the best sites do not have too much effect on JS and FLASH files, some enterprises in order to site dazzling and beautiful, add a large number of JS and FLASH, so the site optimization is very negative, while a large number of FLASH effect it will seriously affect the user to open the site speed, which greatly reduces the site experience. According to the reliable research shows that if a website for 3 seconds is not open, so the user loss rate will reach more than 90%, so the front page of the site as a major source of traffic, should avoid a large number of JS and FLASH. And these modules are still unable to capture spider love Shanghai, whether it is from the optimization point of view or from the perspective of the user experience did not play a good effect, so we build a website in place should be less as far as possible with the code.

with the rapid development of the Internet industry and Internet users in China is increasing, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of the Internet in recent years, more and more enterprises have set up their own website, and also very strengthen enterprise website promotion efforts, so what kind of business is conducive to enterprise website promotion optimization the problem is this? Must have been concerned by many people today, love the stars published their views on this issue.

2, to ensure that no death

1, a good site to improve the structure of

content is an important factor for us to show the user, if not how can a website retain users? Our corporate website also aims to better display their business on the Internet, but also to promote their products. When the user traffic on our website, at least let users feel to your site to obtain useful information on their own, so your website is a qualified website. Only when we fully stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, so our website can be accepted by the public, can let users trust us, it also can get good rankings on our website.

web page

dead link is simply not open the hyperlink, the website internal links can be regarded as the body’s blood vessels, only to ensure that each link can smoothly, then can let love Shanghai as spider crawling. Conversely, only love Shanghai spiders can crawl to each page of our website, you can only be included in better. So after the completion of the site, be sure to check the site has no dead links, when found dead links must be removed timely, otherwise it will seriously affect your site collected. The amount included in a web site from the side can also reflect the quality of the website, so timely delete dead links website is very useful for the web site.

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