Liu Zhuanwei don’t do the chain of migrant workers continue to get high weight links

Oh, someone will ask: "I’m not a monk, I was telling this?" don’t worry, let me teach you how to find the law – "fortune". You should first observe the forum for a period of time, the same day posting, and click on the amount of more than 100 people, and return of more than 15 people, to find out all these posts; the same keywords and then find out these posts with the title; then each see the title with these words of the post, you can predict "these posts will be the fire posts or top posts and become high weight posts.

so what should we do? What about outside the chain is not lost? What about outside the chain is high quality and effective

is your post, you of course with your own personality and signature in the chain is your own; but most of the time, we don’t have so many original articles can be made, and there is no guarantee issued by their own articles or become fire posts or top posts and become high weight posts. Then we can help others leveraging the hard edge to illuminate their own. We can "fortune telling" which type of posts will be fire posts or top posts, and then seize the sofa (not grab the sofa to try to ensure the post in the first page), then your character signature chain will stick to the light, the chain this time play a role.

Shanghai Longfeng people know that "content is king, the chain for emperor", then bring the chain to the emperor how to your website? Now many Shanghai dragon Er even is in charge of doing every day to send the chain or ask them blindly following every day must be completed much less, only the number and quality requirements, and ultimately can only achieve little effect. The author Liu Zhuanwei (Liu Dao) mainly through two aspects of the forum outside the chain of high quality, the chain blog portal to talk about how to do outside the chain of high quality, do a thinking "outside the chain of high quality workers".

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I have a friend, he every day to some high weight forum posting replies, change signature etc.. He soon turned to love Shanghai home page keyword optimization second, but in the course of time he forgot to maintain the chain continued, after 2 months (because I love Shanghai need 1~2 months to re calculate a chain weight) his words suddenly dropped to 100 after that is, the chain (the chain weight) resulted in a loss of reason, as for what reason we can another article "before going to see my chain weight loss lead to a drop in".

In addition to the high quality

, the major portals have their own blog platform and registration is free of charge, here I recommend is Sina blog, news blog, blog three blog 39. The reason I chose not to cause other platforms, because some blogs and nofollow does not transfer the weight (such as: NetEase, some blog blog) did not mention.

forum signature chain, blog and how to do the high quality chain

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