Love Shanghai to share practical analysis optimization

3. all share data are able to share the website provides the background through the Shanghai love view, including time, frequency, data sharing, sharing page return flow is very accurate and powerful.

1. love Shanghai share number statistics only by clicking the decision. That is to say, as long as you click on any share box sharing sites, even as a share, then could reach the share page or whether to complete the whole process of sharing has no effect on the number of share statistics.

2. love Shanghai share data in the search page, namely "thumb" data is updated in real time, and is not the same with the snapshot update, so we can often see changes in the share data, but did not change the snapshot.

1. share caused by click. Because just add Shanghai to share love, through a series of clicks to obtain mechanism and conclusion about Shanghai love to share, and become a malicious click. What >

is the result of the above conclusion through its own operation and summarizes the course, most of them are from their own click click, to analyze. I believe that many owners in order to display the data thumb crazy "share", but in rising happiness become dizzy with success by the data, whether the thought of what are the consequences. Love Shanghai, every product has perfect mechanism itself, any opportunistic can long survive.

this morning I open the computer as usual first query site parameters, but found last week added love Shanghai share three site by K home page, other contents are normal, yesterday’s update also included it in time, three points higher weight, the ranking is also very stable, but at the same time is right down overnight carefully, recall last week only three sites to add love Shanghai share, including two in the test for jiathis. Clear thinking, the author concludes the reason of this phenomenon and infer the love Shanghai share influence on the optimization from the following:

last week, I learned from the recent "thumb" be in full swing, but also to the site from the original jiathis in Shanghai to share love. Then, by clicking on the analysis, found the following conclusions:

love Shanghai shortly before the launch of its own sharing tools — love Shanghai share. At the same time, it has in recent weeks launched a "thumbs up" function: to share the data to be displayed in the search and Statistics page snapshot site next to the statistical style of the statistics add the thumb. For a time, caused no small repercussions in the webmaster circle. Many owners began to seize this new love Shanghai optimize up. The share number can be displayed directly, and has a certain guidance to the user clicks, many webmaster through various channels to share their data increased rapidly, which of Shanghai dragon is good or bad, no one can give a definite answer. Based on the site actual that share some experience here to our webmaster.

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