On the forum outside the chain to both a disadvantage

increase the chain is not on the site of the weight of how much impact, but his advantage is that more channels more opportunities to guide the spider to the site, the site collection also began to increase.



before the author in Shanghai Longfeng forum registered the account, also has the signature set to site links. Then add links to sites by posting replies in the form of the signature links to change to another site to send some post. Let’s see how the effect of Shanghai love chain:

from above, we can see the A5 forum every day included posts are tens of thousands of love, Shanghai total collection always maintain a certain amount of. Obviously, the search engine has a number of deleted included, if the quality of our chain construction in the forum is not high, it is easy to cause the site of the chain increased to reduce the repeated situation. So do we need to consider the forum outside the chain of quality problems.

forum, the forum outside the chain of value how many, I think most of the webmaster want to know about this problem. After all, the forum is a friend of the owners of the construction of the chain must be accounted for. Now let us use specific data to look at the pros and cons of the chain construction on the forum.

Whether the chain has the power of the

is not just a signature by the chain, also has a strong correlation between left readable posts and links by attracting visitors. Do not underestimate this temporary flow of visitors, because we don’t know if they will love on the site and our site collection. Step back, even if we don’t love, the site has to do advertisement Union, these flows undoubtedly into revenue. Let’s look at a slightly good forum posts outside the chain can be short and much traffic:

The chain of the

forum has its advantages and disadvantages, see webmaster friends how to treat this problem, and how to operate the forum outside the chain construction. The camel dress flagship store 贵族宝贝luotfs.c>

forum the construction of the chain is mainly because of the simple, fast. However, it is for this reason that caused the waste of the chain end groups. Don’t just send the post was collected and does not know the search engine pleased with oneself, with the total number of forum posts collected first review, and then delete spam posts. Better leave the link and in the forum, we have not considered the body in which the label has been nofollow. Let’s take a look at the post A5 Forum:

two, the interests of the chain can be a good post short attracted traffic

The reason most people choose

three, the disadvantages of time-consuming and low effectiveness of



, the interests of the more frequent lead spider



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