Case analysis the station optimization scheme for medical website

This is a 5

4 to contact us if you need to put on the hospital to make a single page navigation page and also made the drop-down form, path need not parallel and two columns, such as /tongji /tongji/lianxi Tongji Tongji Tongji experts

The right column of the same page 7

editor when writing to tag to put the best label would be infinitely expanded website keywords capture path

two columns into the point need to distinguish classification column similarity


manual, need to become way to let the spider crawling more pages, the page need to pay attention to the distinction between title repeat write rel=" canonical" /> tag set weight, or open the flip function to automatically add (ADHD reason _ first page)


ADHDThe article recommended

can’t keep the hospital so at least to change the location of the navigation

6 on the right side of the column only recommended this column do not cross, and click the new arrangement or the 8 link, the other may arrange the content such as pictures, business and so on, column page page, page links do not display such as:


3 page navigation if you need to spread a drop-down form

8 links, also can put the program in the design of the tag cloud static, and the path is not Chinese if the technology is not good to achieve pseudo static. The end of the recommended 4 links do not.


/xxxxThree navigation path

1 home two columns as long as 8-10

This is not a spider manual The If entrance and the main section The

before I design in medical website has been posted on its website, because has website design molding, now out to share with you, because I think you want to edit the format design submission list so you can take the trouble after my blog do not often use, now go directly to the point.

: _ symptoms such as hyperactivity etiology _ principle _ treatment _ health _ case

2 two columns under the need to level two navigation path level, reduce access depth, can also be made into 3 columns increase the column weight.

design of a 404 page 10 seconds automatically return, provide recommendation on a return to the.

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