Taobao guest webmaster how to deal with the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment


Several recent updates

love Shanghai affected a large number of webmaster, especially Taobao guest website, the impact is more intense, a lot of Taobao off site by K, survived was greatly decreased. The main income of many owners are relying on the Taobao customer commission, ranking disappear, also means the loss of the flow, but also means the decrease in revenue or cut. So, Taobao as the guest, should be how to deal with the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted? Three to Shenzhen Shanghai dragon also dust for everyone to talk about my own thinking to deal with:

three, website traffic sources diversified development

so as long as we persist in the original web site, good content, adhere to regular website optimization techniques, to enhance the user experience, even if you know love is Taobao Shanghai guest website, will not easily move you, because I love Shanghai also rely on user experience to get users to search, if we insist on good user experience, so to love the goal of Shanghai is the same, is also one of the benefits, it can sleep without any anxiety.

90% site traffic sources

you know, love Shanghai now more and more attention to the user experience, pay attention to the website content, this love from Shanghai stationmaster forum for the great renewal notice "the low quality site measures have been effective" can be seen, we love Shanghai update research thoroughly, can be targeted to come up with countermeasures. Think that love is not for Shanghai Taobao customers, but for the pseudo original, or a large collection site to make the punishment, and a lot of Taobao off site is exactly the bounce rate is extremely high, low quality, poor user experience of the site, so it is a lot of hair is not surprising.

recently updated several times, there are many websites by manslaughter, including some insist on original, adhere to the white hat Shanghai Longfeng do stand off Taobao webmaster, this love Shanghai admits that shortcoming, will kill the wrong man.

, for the love Shanghai algorithm, focus on the content of

two, if the site is normal operation, only need to calm, and stick to it, waiting for recovery

webmasters are in love in Shanghai, this is very dangerous, even if you are ranked first, but the day of the event because of a factor ranking fell, or was killed by K, then you >

if you always adhere to good website content, and the article is almost the original user experience, also do good, there is no use of other methods of cheating, but are affected in the update. Then the first reflection, thorough investigation, to see if the keyword density is too large, the space is not stable if other details such as the cause, no problem, then almost certainly is false love Shanghai. But it doesn’t have to be a major forum called Baidu how, as of no avail. We need to adjust the good mentality, and adhere to the original idea of doing it, as long as there is enough patience, in general, within three months, the site will recover.

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