A homage to worst book covers ever

first_imgAs readers haven’t we all read books with tad ‘embarrassing’ book covers? I remember my school friends wrapping copies of numerous ‘chick-lits’ as they are called, in newspapers and reading them in class. Some even ripped off the steamy covers so that they can do some reading at home, away from the prying eyes of parents and siblings. I remember as a school girl being quite wary of reading Gone with the Wind with Scarlett O’Hara in Rhett Butler’s embrace right on the cover. Of course, I didn’t know, the image was borrowed from the movie. But, a few days ago while surfing the Internet I found a list of books, in fact, ebook covers that will want you to hide your kindle in sheets of newspaper. And for a different reason altogether. Of course, why you would want to read these books is a different tale altogether. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘Never judge a book by its cover’, they say. Well, for these books, I’d say, please do. Imagine a book with the image of a woman in a passionate embrace. If you are reminded of Gone with the Wind, let me point out that this is no Vivien Leigh holding on to Clark Gable for dear life. The lady in question is embracing, well, a horse. And to be fair, the horse is hugging her back as passionately I would like to believe. The book title, you wonder? It’s called But…you’re a horse. Intrigued? Not yet? There are a whole range of books to choose from. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThere is Texting Mr Right with, big surprise! a woman texting! There is a of course a ‘Mr Right’ running his fingers through his hair and to make it even more interesting there is a lighthouse in the background (gasp)! There you go. Some interesting read, right? From photoshopped images of men and women (and horses, never forget horses), to childish drawings, pictures picked up from Google’s stock photos and even screenshots of video games, the lack of imagination (of the abundance of it, maybe) leaves you in splits. There is a whole list of books that the blog site Kindle Cover Disaster has revealed to horrify any self respecting reader, from How to deal with Hippo Encounter and Time Swirl: A Binky Adventure to Animal Future. Let me do you a favour and leave the book coversto your imagination or go check them out yourself. Between The Covers  is a weekly column on reading up and rating downlast_img

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