Caravans Taking on the roads less travelled

first_imgSwirling through the winding hills of Tuscany on a road trip, heave a sigh of pleasure as you take in the picturesque landscapes. It is right out of an advert from European tourism industry that gets them returns on their natural resources. It’s just not the fast and convenient Eurorail but the road transport and tourism that entices tourists. While the advent of road tourism kickstarted the concept of caravan tourism around the globe; in India only Madhya Pradesh capitalized on its road transport and tourists. Untapping India’s potential for tourism on road , PHD Chamber organised a curtain raiser on caravan tourism- India by road.For caravan tourism in India, its a shout out to the tourism agencies to liason with state road network and local government agencies to facilitate the major tourism road projects in the country.  Although the road sector in India has been declared as an industry, it is still on a slow trail.last_img

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