Figleys Blend Santa percolates kindness still

first_imgSanta Claus Rob Figley has left us, but Compass Coffee has brewed up this special memorial blend. Rob Figley may be gone, but all the good things he brought to Clark County keep percolating. You can still enjoy that special Figley flavor via Compass Coffee, which launched a commemorative “Figley’s Blend” for Christmas. You can even feel a little extra satisfaction in knowing that $2 of every purchase will benefit the Children’s Center, a nonprofit mental health clinic that’s getting ready for a big move.“We were kicking around the idea of a holiday blend, and one of my guys thought a tribute blend would be really cool,” said Compass owner Bryan Wray. He said he contacted Figley’s widow, Diane, to make sure it was OK with her, and to develop a plan to give most of the profits to the local children’s charity. How’s the coffee taste? Hints of red fruit, berries and honey. Sweet and lively — just like Figley himself.Figley, who died at age 57 in September, was a beloved community booster who became famous in Clark County for his amazing resemblance to Santa Claus. In 2012 he told The Columbian that he rose on the morning of his 40th birthday, looked in the mirror and beheld a cheerful, pudgy elf with a big white beard. “In essence, the clouds parted over my head and the angels came down and said, ‘You are Santa Claus,’ ” Figley said. His success as Santa Claus carried him all the way to the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas; he also was a Democratic activist and a fan of same-sex marriage who performed many such weddings, and was running for a county freeholder position when he died.last_img

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