The Worlds Largest Lego Tower Built by Brazilian Children

first_imgLego fans will love this: a total of 6000 Brazilians, mostly children, got together for four days to assemble what’s clearly the world’s largest Lego tower, topping off at 102 feet and 3 inches. The effort required over a half-million Lego bricks and looks amazing: the children even managed to emblazon the Brazilian flag in the side using different colored bricks. The tower breaks the previous world record, just over 101 feet, set in Chile at a similar event held last year. The whole structure is supported by a set of wires draped down the sides to keep the whole thing from toppling over in high wind, and is just the latest entry since the original 43-foot tower build in London that earned the first record. Check out a video of the tower behind the jump. [via Escapist]AdChoices广告last_img

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