Google Starts Censoring Piracy Related Terms

first_imgStarting yesterday, Google began a subtle censorship of “piracy related” terms from its instant and autocomplete services. The following “pirate” terms are now blocked from autocompete: bitTorrent, megaupload, uTorrent, rapidshareIf, and any combination of terms ending with the word “torrent.”If you try to enter “utorrent” into the search box, it stops supplying suggestions after you type “uto.” However, you can still type out the complete word, and it will supply suggestions, including “utorrent download” and “utorrent search” and you type out the entire term, Google will complete the search. So, you can still access these sites through a search, you just have to type out the entire term. But, “uTorrent”, a popular piece of software, and “BitTorrent”, a file transfer protocol and name of BitTorrent Inc., are both completely legal, but they are nonetheless being censored. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems wrong.Remember when Google fought against censorship in China? Google was all for freedom to information. But, apparently, Google thinks censoring against piracy is okay though. Supplying information and access to legal sites it not encouraging piracy. Our friends at PCMag, recently had a bit of a scuffle with the RIAA over a simple news article, which they requested PCMag retract (they didn’t).Although this is new censorship is slight, the entertainment industries shadow is being cast farther. And it raises some questions: How far will it this censorship stretch? And will other industries be able to succeed in censoring certain terms and info on Google? Via TorrentFreaklast_img

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