Nenad Vuckovic Melsungen for HP We want a medal

Borjan Zafirovski ← Previous Story SHF, Djurkovic on EHF requests: “Unnecessary works in the arena” Next Story → Popovic to stop career after Olympic Games? HP: You began very well in the Bundesliga, and then a big drop in form happened. Now with the latest defeat against Huttenberg, there are incredible 8 games without a victory, the form is terrible, what is the problem?Nenad Vuckovic: We had a great drop in our form, and we also had some misfortune with the injuries. At the beginning we had a good rhytm in our first 5 games, we had easier schedule and we took advantage of that. We had great chance to continue the good run, but the first defeat at home against Hannover that should have never happened shaked us a little, and now we still feel the consequences. However, now we must concentrate on the upcoming games for the rest of the season, and win as many points as possible.HP: Is the goal still TOP10?Nenad Vuckovic: Yes, as I’ve said before the season started. We have a realistic chance, and we just need to put the faith back in ourselves that we can play well against anyone.HP: Your contract expires in Summer 2012. Are you staying in Melsungen or will you search for a new club?Nenad Vuckovic: In principle, I will definitely stay in the Bundesliga. In the next few days we will talk about my status at the club, and I think by New Year at latest I should know about my future at Melsungen. I would love to stay, as we have a good team and we can make good results in the future.HP: You tipped on Kiel before the season, are they still your favorites to win the title?Nenad Vuckovic: I think that for sure they will win this year. They won at some hard visits such as Berlin, Magdeburg and Mannheim, and I think now that they are 6 points ahead of HSV, it seems unevitable for me that they take the title. continues to provide with interviews with participants of the upcoming European Championship. This time we talked to Nenad Vuckovic, the number 23 of MT Melsungen, who got his handball establishment through this plays for Red Star and Chambery. The left back of the Serbian national team discusses with us a bit about the fall of Melsungen, and that this is “to be or not to be” for this generation of Serbia, and that the medal is something they want at the European Championship in Serbia that will take place in January. He also tips France as favorite number one for the title. HP: A little about the national team. You play in a group with Denmark, Poland and Slovakia. Who do you see winning this group, and is Slovakia an easy win?Nenad Vuckovic: All three teams are very dangerous. And we definitely must not take lightly the game against Slovakia, they’ve shown they are good by beating France. Of course the first game seems the most important, and we need to be most ready for it. As we play the first game, and with good play win it, it will be a good wind in our back, as if we beat Poland we can count on good result already in the group phase.HP: How do you rate the potential of this Serbian representation? Is the medal close in front of your fans in Belgrade?Nenad Vuckovic: For sure there is a lot of talk about this medal. We, of course, want a medal. What is good and positive, is that this generation is together for some time and that the coach stayed for 2 years already, and we met at the WC in Sweden. We have a very good chance, and we need to use it, but I have to say that there are 10 strong contenders for the title, and it will be very hard.HP: Would you say that this European Championship is “to be or not to be” for Serbian handball?Nenad Vuckovic: I wouldn’t say that its “to be or not to be” for Serbian handball, but I would say that it’s more “to be or not to be” for this generation of players. I think what’s more important, is that after this generation, a new generation of players will come, and that seems to be of more importance.HP: Favorite number 1 for you, and surprise of the Championship?Nenad Vuckovic: Definitely contender number 1 is France, while I hope that we(Serbia) will be the surprise of the Championship.

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