Primary School Dropout Rate in Rural Morocco Is 57

Rabat – While the primary school drop-out rate in urban areas is 1.1 percent, it is 5.7 percent in rural areas.In response to allegations that the drop-out rate of 5.7 percent in the 2017-2018 school year had doubled compared to the previous year, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training explained in a press release that the rate only concerns rural areas. The urban drop-out rate of 1.1 percent represented 38,740 students.For the secondary school, the drop-out rate reached 12 percent nationally—183,218 students. The supervising ministry claimed that the drop-out rate in 2017-2018 did not double from the previous school year. However, the ministry did not clarify what the drop-out rate was the previous year.The ministry called for citizens and the media to check “the veracity and accuracy of data related to the education system before publishing.”Read also: Amzazi Proposes a Full Menu of Programs to Support EducationTo combat the school drop-out rate, the minister of national education, vocational training, higher education, and scientific research, Said Amzazi, presented his strategy to King Mohammed VI on Monday, September 17.The strategy aims to increase the number of children accessing schools by consolidating the “Tayssir program” (Facilitation program) that gives financial support to parents to formally enroll children aged 6 to 15 in schools.Amzazi also promised a new generation of a vocational training centers that should meet economic needs. He urged all stakeholders and concerned parties to contribute to the projects to address the challenges that education is experiencing. By 2024-2025, the minister aims to reduce the drop-out rate in primary schools from 5.7 percent to 1 percent in rural areas, and in secondary schools from 12 percent to 3 percent nationally.

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