Germany Bans Full Face Coverage in Veiled AntiMuslim Ruling

Rabat – Continuing the spread of anti-Islamic rhetoric and policy across Europe, the German parliament passed a law partially ban “covering the face” on Thursday, April 27.The draft law of the ban, which applies to public servants, military personnel, and juridical staff, does not make any mention of the Muslim burqa or niqab but  clearly references religious veiling practices.“The state has a duty to present itself in an ideologically and religiously neutral manner,” says the legislation, according to the French Press Agency. The ban would also give authorities access to examine veiled women’s identities during the elections and perform ID check-ups.The ban does make exceptions for military personnel and public servants wearing a full-face veil for safety purposes. Health workers can cover their faces for protection from infections, and police officers are also allowed to cover their faces in order to conceal their identity.Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that in order for Germany to socially integrate immigrants, “we must make clear and communicate our values and the limits of our tolerance to other cultures.”Apart from the “full-face coverage” ban, the German parliament has introduced a set of  other procedures.To date, authorities are allowed to put electronic bracelets on people considered by the court to represent security threats, and Germany has said it will soon implement European Union rules requiring information of passengers flying into Germany. Legislation prohibiting “full-face coverage” have been spreading across Europe since 2011, when France first implemented such a ban. Countries including Belgium and Bulgaria followed, and others, including Austria, Italy and Switzerland and some parts of Spain, have now imposed partial bans on face coverage.

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