Prince Moulay Rachid Marrakech Festival Celebrates Peace

Marrakech – The 16th annual Marrakech International Film Festival, which kicked off on Friday, is an event that will be packed with emotion and wonderful moments, “to once again celebrate peace and the hope of a world full of promise for generations to come,” said Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the Foundation’s Festival. In its traditional editorial to present this year’s edition (Dec. 2-10), to be held under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, Prince Moulay Rachid said that “in the space of a month, Marrakech will have been the symbol of the convergence of ideas, of the will and desire to make our world a better one.”“We cannot gather here for the 16th edition of the Marrakesh International Film Festival without mentioning and saluting the holding of the COP22 conference on climate change in this magnificent Ochre City,” he added. “The intentions are there to support and promote a vision of the world in which responsibilities are shared, in which origins and differences are set aside to give way to a common wish to contribute to a better future. That is the spirit of the Marrakesh International Film Festival,” Prince Moulay Rachid noted.Concerning the program of the 16th edition, HRH Prince Moulay Rachid said that “as our honored guest, Russian cinema will guide us through a rich civilization.Masterclasses will be given by some great masters who have left their stamp and continue to do so on the history of filmmaking. The eclecticism of the Jury under the presidency of the great cineaste Béla Tarr is the reflection of the official selection in which borders do not exist.”“All this combines to strengthen my firm belief: Cinema is in the service of humanity, as a vector to bring us together and help us discover others,” concluded Prince Moulay Rachid.

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