Mother blames NA Hospital for baby’s death

first_imgA young mother is accusing some doctors and nurses at the New Amsterdam Hospital’s Maternity Ward of negligence, which resulted in her delivering a stillborn baby early Tuesday morning.The 19-year-old first-time mother, Bibi Asiyaa Hussain, is demanding answers from the Hospital’s authorities since she would have entered their care with a healthy foetus. According to the grieving woman, she left her Crabwood Creek, Corentyne home on July 1 after experiencing severe pains and was admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital.She said had the doctors and nurses paid much more attention to her complaints then perhaps her baby girl would have still been alive. The visibly distraught woman explained that she cried and begged the nurses to help her, since the pain was unbearable but all she got was “you nah ready yet…yuh time nah reach yet.”However, when her time did come, the baby was already dead. Recounting the events, Hussain said from the time she was admitted all she had been hearing was that she was not ready to deliver despite her continuous complaints of heavy pains and steady contractions. This persisted until Monday and a nurse who told her to wait her turn checked her.Around 21:00h Monday night, the nurses began monitoring the foetus and it was indicated that a steady and healthy heartbeat was present. At that point, Hussain was 3cm dilated. On Tuesday morning about 01:00h, a doctor came to check on her and told her she was 4cm dilated, but Hussain said she felt as though it was time and would have indicated that to the doctor and asked to use the washroom.Nevertheless, the doctor said that the baby was in a position to be delivered and she could not use the washroom. Hussain would then be forced to lie there and wait until 04:00h when the doctor returned and began panicking after the foetal heartbeat was no longer there.“She check me and then say they not hearing a heartbeat from the baby, I say ‘what you mean because when you check earlier the baby was okay?’,” she related.An emergency ultrasound was done at 05:30h and it was confirmed that the foetus died.“The doctor advised to put me on drips to bring down the baby and that was to ?start at 06:00h. After about 30 minutes into the drips, another female doctor came to check me and after she realised I was on the drips she said that wrong because it would take too long, because the baby dead and in me, if they wait longer it could kill me too,” she tearfully related.??She eventually delivered the dead baby girl. Now her grief has changed into anger and she is demanding answers from the authorities since she believes the doctor and nurses were negligent. However, the Hospital has been mum on the incident and efforts to contact the Director of Health Services proved futile.Additionally, the woman sought to get a meeting with the doctor, but that request was denied.last_img

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