Desperate attempt to deflect from real reasons

first_imgDear Editor,We note recent statements by executive member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton. Norton is reported by a section of the press as saying that activists and other high-profile members who have withdrawn their support from the APNU/AFC have done so as a result of the PPP’s lure of “filthy lucre”.We view Norton’s comment, though laughable, as a desperate attempt to deflect from the real reasons behind the rapid departure of persons from the governing coalition.If, according to his claim, the motivation was for enrichment purposes then it would have made more sense for us to remain with the ruling cabal given its stated position, as alluded to by his colleague, PNC Chairperson Volda Lawrence who said “The only friends I got is PNC so the only people I gon give wuk to is PNC”. Those words are supported by actions as there is a plethora of evidence which shows the massive distribution of the State’s largesse to a small group of persons connected to the APNU/AFC.No amount of spin and trickery by the likes of Aubrey Norton will work as we are not aloof like him and his ministerial colleagues who are now subsumed by the trappings of political power. We interact with scores of ordinary Guyanese daily, many of them supported the coalition in 2015 – and just like us they too feel a sense of betrayal by the numerous unfulfilled promises.It is the ‘ground troops’ such as ourselves who have had to bear the brunt of the frustration of young people from areas such as Campbellville, Sophia, Kitty, Alberttown, North and South Ruimveldt, East and West Ruimveldt, Albouystown and Charlestown who we persuaded to vote for the coalition in 2015 and who are still yearning for the jobs and the elusive “good life” promised to them.It is us who have borne the brunt of the criticism from UG students who were promised ‘free education’ but have had to deal with a 48 per cent increase in their tuition fees since the APNU/AFC assumed office. How do we respond when confronted by UG graduates who were promised jobs within one year of their graduation in 2015 but later heard from none other than President David Granger that it is not the roleof his Government to create jobs when the question of his failure to deliver on that promise was put to him?Norton and the others have no idea what it is like to be accosted regularly by pensioners who’ve had their water and electricity subsidies removed and are now being made to pay taxes on medical services.We also have to live daily with the complaints of neighbours, fellow villagers and relatives who are teachers, nurses, members of the disciplined services and other public servants who we told during the 2015 campaign that they will receive substantial increases in salary and other benefits. How do we now explain the minimal increases given since 2015; the removal of the tax-free one-month bonus etc and then juxtapose it against the hefty increases given by the leadership of the Government to themselves after a mere three months in office?It is we who have to contend daily with the hardships brought about by the increase in over 200 tax measures by the coalition Administration.Some of us have had firsthand experience of the suffering of residents affected by the closure of Wales Estate. We interface daily with the struggling former sugar workers and looked on helplessly as they were made to wait for more than a year and even wage a court battle, in order to receive their severance payment from a Government which we convinced them to vote for and which promised to do the exact opposite of what it did.On a personal level, many of us – like thousands of ordinary Guyanese – have had to contend with hardships brought about by the incompetence of this Government. We worked tirelessly and invested our time and resources towards a coalition victory in 2015. When this victory was achieved we were neglected and treated with disdain. Some of us had ideas of policies that could’ve been implemented that were gleaned from our interactions in our communities. These were all shot down. We became useless foot soldiers as the objective of an APNU/AFC electoral victory was achieved.A cabal of corrupt individuals has taken over and it is this group which is experiencing the promised “good life”.These reasons along with the corruption and disrespect for the rule of law which has characterised APNU/AFC governance left us with no choice but to part ways with the coalition and no amount of lies and misinformation from the likes of Aubrey Norton will change that.Instead of trying to tarnish respectable, honourable and patriotic individuals, many of whom he rubbed shoulders with, he should be truthful with the public.Regards,Dave Danny Sr,Former PNC Member of Parliament and Central Executive MemberDave Danny Jr,Former APNU/AFC Regional Democratic Councillor (Region Four) and PNC Youth ExecutiveIvan Bentham,Regional Democratic Councillor (Region Four)Karen Dalrymple,Former PNC activistNicola Dalrymple,Former PNC activistAlicia Adams,Former PNC activistOrin Kennedy,Former PNC activistlast_img

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