Sense of desperation (Pt 2)

first_imgDear Editor,No amount of political charges and allegations will stop the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) from winning the next National and Regional Elections. The APNU/AFC coalition humiliated our older people; they took away benefits in the form of water and electricity subsidies.As for our country’s greatest assets, the young people, this APNU/ PNC Government took away thousands of jobs from their parents and the youths cannot find jobs, which is affecting their financial security and social means to survive. The education system is deteriorating rapidly and our culture inundated with the rise in crime we are witnessing under this present regime.To call a ‘spade a spade’ in the eyes of the coalition politicians, means something `very different in the eyes of the many citizens whose lives have been turned upside-down over the past three and a half years. In the face of even stronger survival challenges, citizens have given the strongest signals that they see no ‘good life’ in the radical and vindictive measures being actioned by the Government.Their attempts at divergence of attention and cover-ups, requires the strongest tinted lens as these undercurrents are now seen by most as bright as the rising sun on a cloudless day.Notable is the new threats from leading PNCR activists and APNU Ministers Joe Harmon and Volda Lawrence against PPP/C won NDC’s. These threats do not go down lightly with the civic minded people of this country. Key attention and necessary public notifications must and will be given to any unjustified targeting and suffering of any area of this country. NDC’s and Municipalities at the same time must work to support the balanced distribution of benefits to all residents.The intention is to cushion the effect of the power driven dictatorship and realise best service delivery in advancing the development of communities.It is also imperative that the outstanding issues at the Guyana Elections Commission be regularised in the in the interest of transparency and accountability.The organisation cannot divorce itself from matters related to low voter response, as it is a well-known fact that Public Relations matters and training are instructive as a contributing factor.It is a matter of national concern that GYD$ 5 billion has been allocated in the 2019 Financial accountability for this agency, while for previous periods it was found to be wrought with financial anomalies according to audits carried out by The Auditor General.The non-audit GECOM since 2015 is of important note. Additionally, appointed Commissioners to date, are not in receipt of a budget or accounts of spending related to the GECOM activities.The PPP/C will get stronger based on its connectivity, having better dealings and fighting for the people in Guyana.This is very troubling to the APNU/AFC coalition and as we approach the 2020 National and Regional Elections, the Electorates will have to vote for the most vibrant and creditable List of Candidates. From the showing at the recent LGE, there is an emergence at the Local Government level a cadre of brilliant professional persons including youths.The PPP/C list of candidates will certainly be blessed with a Young and brilliant Presidential Candidate along with men and women of substance. With Bharrat Jagdeo’s leadership guidance, a powerful PPP victory is inevitable.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img

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