Website optimization is but to do these four things repeated every day

data analysis. The most important skill in website optimization is to learn how to analyze site data, such as web site source analysis, bounce rate analysis, keyword analysis, the source of PV per capita value analysis, internal data and web site data in Statistical Tools >

increase the site outside the chain. The chain for the emperor of the old saying is enough to explain the role of the chain website, but many webmaster but just talk about it every day, can increase the chain webmaster to the site and how many, most of them are good mood today tomorrow will increase, a little bit upset the chain as a burden, see more bother. Outside chain in the website optimization effect as long as know the knowledge of the people know the website. I now have five stations, but it is very troublesome to do outside the chain, after all, do so that they do not end, and see so many websites to do outside the chain suddenly tired, not to mention the need is outside the chain of high quality. Maybe you will say and do BBS signature, but the weight of the chain forum do now has low, do do not equal to the same, why? So, website optimization is not so mysterious, but every day the chain. read more

To explore the mall website from 5 aspects of Shanghai Longfeng effect

The The path

would have good effect for Shanghai Longfeng mall site, the ALT attribute of the picture can be said to be the ALT attribute of the picture not only for users to use, can be cited in the picture speed problem open text prompts, more important is to tell search engines this picture represents what meaning, because the search the engine at this stage do not read the image and content, so the need to explain the ALT text, you can imagine the mall site if there are a large number of ALT text, then for search engines, will give this included, with some title and text in writing, so in the search time will most likely be search to the user. read more

Four optimization details need to pay attention to improve the website ranking


descrition: a web content description, generally speaking, a good description should have a reasonable keyword appears in 200, and the length is less than 70 characters English, Chinese characters, more than 20 Chinese characters.


, a ALT

when we add a picture to a web site, don’t forget to give us a picture to give a brief explanation, this is what we call the ALT label, if, when we can not display the picture on the website, users can also according to the text we want to express the meaning of the picture know. We need to explain, in order to help the user experience, we should correct description of the content of the picture. Not only that, we still can add the keyword to the ALT tag description, this is a kind of method to improve keyword ranking density, but we want to know, here is not to say words you lots of one key words, such ALT tags are not friendly to the website. read more

For the love of Shanghai recently to the local forum site high weight conjecture

have to change some people be taken by surprise, but also caused some of my guess:

: a weighted local portal to be sure. Local portal is the Internet Conference on many large companies, large CEO webmaster to encourage people to do, love Shanghai precisely in this respect support.

, thank you!


three: the website of Shanghai Longfeng get direction can start slowly transfer. The chain can be to large portals or local forums to get up, perhaps better.

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Love Shanghai mobile search crack force users to transfer from APP behavior

mobile search users to get the information resources in the mobile web site commonly encountered when being forced open, download the APP can continue to browse or use, but the APP is not always necessary or common, simple access to information behavior is forced into a complex or high into the download behavior, let the user be pestered beyond endurance.

specific attack:

!The following Since July 15, 2016

in the user search to the site a page users interfere with the normal search access path, forcing the user to download and use APP, users gain experience from the "end of the interference information is normal, for such a site, love Shanghai mobile search will greatly reduce the evaluation of mobile search. read more

On the personal pro test experience on how to love from Shanghai and Google K stand out

(WEB love Shanghai and Google K

following their own way, according to the 2 search engines, recovery work to respectively do their own website how. For the love of Shanghai back to work, that person should do the following things:

First, delete > data.)

After the analysis of the

(website is love Shanghai and Google reincluding screenshot)


is the first to elaborate their own website, the website in April of this year’s period, Google was relentless K station; and in 7.14 of the night, I always vaguely remember the day K date, his website was again fall in love with sea station K, estimates that time many of the webmaster should give up but after a few months, his personal efforts and the spirit of not giving up, and finally restored included. read more

Analysis of how to optimize the website internal links



for we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon people, should know the chain internal website optimization is very important, for Shanghai dragon optimization, content is king, the chain for the emperor is the truth we all know, but some people think that the chain is not so important, the content is extremely important, just need a lot add original content, the chain is the more the better, this approach is undoubtedly to deviate from the right direction of website optimization. The general network marketing do very good business or individual details. As the saying goes: details determine success or failure, is the truth. read more

Arsene two influence keywords ranking reason

sooner, the more favorable for ranking. It is recognized that there are. For registered earlier, the search engine is to know your time is more long, then you also ranked the good. If you have a 90s registered domain name, the domain name is a piece of treasure, do most of key words will have a great advantage. Registered some good domain name up, put on some simple pages, such as a few years later with rich content, and is also a good official website. If you do not have the time, then take the money to buy it. A5 is the old domain name trading platform. read more

According to the new requirements of Shanghai love Shanghai Longfeng optimization change ideas are t

love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, for the website optimization requirements are also rising, as a webmaster we must change before the optimization ideas, in accordance with the requirements of the site optimization we should do those aspects of change, the new love of Shanghai, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, love theme, according to the latest requirements should change the current Shanghai the idea is that

first, analysis of the construction of the chain direction. This algorithm is also more obvious upgrade Shanghai dragon Er most concerned about is the site of the chain problem, we already know that love Shanghai drop right scores in the rankings chain in proportion, it can be said before most of the construction of the chain has gradually lost the meaning and value of itself, bitter outside the chain of years make many webmaster unforgettable, so, we should pay attention to the site optimization things? From the construction direction of the chain, the chain is actually not the true meaning of love Shanghai exit optimization stage, mainly in the Shanghai love for chain building standards to a very important height. The specific performance is: before the construction of the chain is mainly due to the release of their own initiative, we take the B2B platform as an example, many webmaster why choose this kind of platform for the chain, a large external his weight is high enough, hoping to leave the weights of the transfer link, and the construction of the chain way though the weight is higher, but after all is the artificial deliberately, not for the user experience and to do so, the chain link factory pattern intensified, while the construction of the chain mainly in the active and passive recommended release, now we should pay attention to the rationality and naturalness of the chain, the most important is that users spontaneously help us spread, and here I have been keen to recommend you do is webmaster network articles for publication, personally feel that the contribution is a very good way Especially, Admin5 and Chinese station platforms such as high weight, high weight submission is not the only source of the chain, the more important is the use of these platforms hand, so a lot of the industry website reproduced in our article, indirect form users spontaneously recommended this way, this is the reason why to choose the way of writing, first of all high weight. Secondly, spontaneous communication. Finally, link popularity and naturalness are just perfect. Therefore, the construction of the chain must identify the direction, the direction of, is the executive power of the problem left. read more

A share of 4 rapid methods to improve site weights

www.fjgwsc贵族宝贝 mastermind starting to Admin5, please keep the link, thank you!!!

recently found that everyone should love to Shanghai’s substantial adjustment, for example: love Shanghai space to reduce weight, improve the weight of sina, and a series of changes. This is not to say. On a website, the ranking is the most important, in addition to the chain, content, and other factors can affect the ranking, the weight and height of the web site directly affects your site in the search engine rankings. How to effectively improve the site’s weight? Suggestions as follows: read more