“When I see my players well, I’m not afraid of anything”

first_img-Barça semifinal analysis: “The best defensive part was the first half. We defended very low but because they were better but the team had support. In the second half the opposite. We defend worse and attack better. In the second goal void to them there was an aura in the stadium that I saw my players think: ‘If we tie it we win it’. They lost their fear of the game. Then Llorente, Correa, Vitolo with the driving… ”-What movie do you expect from tomorrow’s game?: “Madrid is a team that we know very well, very important in the hierarchy of its protagonists. He has an absolutely winning coach. He transmits every time he plays that he has to win and he wins. Neither Benzema nor Bale nor Hazard came here and nothing changes them, they seek to strengthen themselves. They did it from the circulation, from the arrival of the second line. They have Vinicius and Rodrygo there, if they play they will have more speed but more possession and we have to think about how to attack those positions to harm them the way we want. ”-Party scenario: “It’s fantastic. With two teams looking forward to winning this Super Cup they will face their weapons to take the game where it suits them best. ”-Zidane, looks better coach than when he won the three Champions, you ?: “This is like life, we are better with the years. All the accumulated experiences we manage to develop. I consider having grown both in life and in sport since, I think, there is no separate relationship from life with football. ”-Valverde, position in which he left the defeat against Atlético: “A lot of respect for the opinions that everyone gives. For me Valverde is a great coach and has shown his ability to support the club. ” -Do you have the equipment and cruise speed for a title ?: “We continue in the same place of growth, of improvement, of looking for our players to take experience. The youngest and those who have more time have, to transmit to them what Atlético is and the moment we are living. Always face rivals like Madrid, Barça or Liverpool makes us better. Tomorrow we have a nice opportunity. ”-Change at Real Madrid from the derby: “In LaLiga it’s different, we already talked about it in the previous game. There you have three results, here only three. Any mistake that occurs in the game leads you to have less chance to recover it because the result is only one, both in the direct semifinal and in the final. ”-Players played: “Oblak and Correa are well beyond the coup and José (Giménez) yesterday trained very well. Let’s see how his fitness progresses in this afternoon’s training and from there we will decide who starts tomorrow’s game. ”-How can you convert all the sticks you get into gasoline: “Believing in my players and always looking to empower the club. I think the club has always done a great job with an institution since we arrived. From the Falcao that stayed to give us as a coaching staff the possibility, then very difficult, now an obligation, to enter the Champions League. With the young boys now. Yesterday afternoon when they spent the game on TV I saw them watching him with admiration and wanting to improve. My energy is my soccer players. When I see them well, I am not afraid of anything. ”– Mid-season title, what does it mean?: “It would not seem right to make an analysis of what could happen. Winning is always very beautiful and I don’t want to say what would happen if I won. There is nothing more important than tomorrow’s game. ”last_img read more