Sony demos its authenticated power outlets

first_imgLast month Sony announced it had figured out a way to start charging us for using a power outlet. The electronics company has figured out a way to detect what device is connected and either allow or disallow access to power. In so doing, it offers up an easy solution to charging for use of an outlet, and will surely get picked up by public areas where power is in demand, e.g. airports.Now Sony has decided to demonstrate its first generation Authentication Power Outlet. The original concept allowed for communication with a device over the actual power cable, but this early version requires an adaptor. The communication occurs wirelessly between the adaptor and the socket using Sony’s FeliCa smart card tech, so no power is allowed to flow unless the adaptor is used.The use of an adaptor still allows this system to work commercially, but will surely add to the cost of implementing it. Adaptors tend to get lost too, so you can see why Sony is working to integrate everything into the outlet and use the power cord instead.The final model will not require any tech being added to the actual outlet. Instead, the cables will just act as a way of communicating with the system through a management device located locally or in the cloud and accessed via a PC. That way authorized devices can be controlled from a single login and limits set, e.g. you could set a power use limit for an area, and cut power to specific devices when that limit is reached.With that in mind, Sony’s system has potential uses for energy conservation as well as offering up a way to charge for power. There’s also nothing to stop the system being hooked up to a solar array, for example, and managing which devices draw their power directly from that system regardless of where they are plugged in.Read more at Diginfo.tvlast_img read more