Opera 14 for Android hits Google Play with Chromium 26 under the

first_imgBack in February, Opera sent shockwaves through the software world when it announced that it was killing its own Presto engine and moving to the same Chromium core that powers Google Chrome. Now, the first step of the move is complete: Opera 14 for Android has been released with Chromium 26 at its core.To the casual user, it’s the same browser it was before. Opera’s trademark Speed Dial screen is still there, as is the more recently-added discovery page. Multiple tabs are still supported, and Opera’s bandwidth-saving Off-Road mode is still available to help you minimize impact on your monthly data allowance (or make slow connections feel faster).The biggest changes have to do with the switch from Opera’s in-house rendering and JavaScript engines to their Chromium counterparts. Chromium 26 is faster all the way ’round, and it offers improved support for HTML5 and things like WebGL.And because Opera now uses the same core as Chrome on Android, it supports Font Boosting. That’s Google’s automatic text resizing system that aims to make text more readable without the need to zoom the entire page. Not everyone is a fan of this particular feature, so Opera has given its users the option to turn boosting off.One other personalization option is that you can place Opera’s address bar on the top or bottom of the app. No, it won’t make the browser perform any better, but it’s always nice to be able to customize an app’s UI to suit your preferences.Another tweak Opera 14 offers is aimed at sites that play HTML5 audio. If you’re listening to something in SoundCloud and switch to another app — say to chat with someone in a Hangout — you can slide down the Android notification area to pause and resume playback. It’s a thoughtful little addition.Opera 14 with Chromium is available now in Google Play and it runs on all Android phones running Gingerbread or later. No tablet build is available yet, as the Opera team still has some optimizations to make.last_img read more