GOG US government shutdown sale gives free games to government employees

first_imgIt’s been eight days since the United States government shut down, closing up national parks, museums, and giving non-Congressional government employees a little more free time than they’re used to. To capitalize on the shut down of our country’s capitol, Good Old Games is currently running the Shutdown Promo, bundling seven government-themed games for the low price of $24.93.As the tagline says, the GOG has decided to bundle seven government-themed games to show us how government works, in case ours doesn’t. If you purchase the pack, you’ll save 50% on the total price compared to purchasing each game at full cost. The pack appropriately includes Capitalism Plus, Capitalism 2, Tropico Reloaded, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (and Alien Crossfire), Theme Hospital, The Guild Gold Edition, and finally, Redneck Rampage Collection. If you’re wondering why Redneck Rampage and Alpha Centauri are included, if you rearrange the order of each game based on theme, it makes a compelling narrative depicting what happens to society when there isn’t a government regulating it.At the time of writing, the offer stands for another 16 hours, but that doesn’t mean the US government will go back to work once the sale is over.However, if you can prove you’re a government employee, then you can snag the pack for free. Simply send an email to [email protected] (for real), with a 4chan-style picture of yourself holding your official furlough letter, and you’ll have some societal sims to play before your professional society simulator known as the US government comes back online. Head on over to GOG if you’re interested in a pack of good games, some of which feature rednecks rampaging.last_img read more