Microsoft secures Android patent license deals with Acer and Viewsonic

first_imgMicrosoft is no stranger to making money off patents. Since early 2010, the company’s legal team has been knocking on the doors of Android OEMs. The goal: strike licensing deals for Microsoft patents that are being infringed upon by the Android implementations shipped on millions of smartphones and tablets.Even at seemingly small dollar amounts like $4 per device, the licensing fees pile up in a hurry — and deals with the likes of HTC, Huawei, and ZTE have provided a nice boost to Microsoft’s bottom line. At the end of August, Microsoft decided to go after Google’s Android BFF, Motorola.Such a bold move — coupled with previous successful strikes — sends a clear message to other Android OEMs, and Microsoft has capitalized on its patents again as a result. This time, it’s Acer (who makes the sexy-but-underwhelming Ferrari Liquid E pictured above) and Viewsonic signing on the dotted line.A Microsoft spokesperson said that they’re please the companies are “taking advantage of [Microsoft’s] industry-wide licensing program” to address Android’s IP issues. That’s an interesting statement, since previously most of the talk had been about modifications made by the OEMs causing the infringement issues — not Android itself.It could just be a simple semantic slip-up, and ultimately it doesn’t matter if Android does infringe on Microsoft patents. Since it managed to make more money off HTC than it did off its own Windows Phone 7 licenses in the early going, Microsoft is probably quite content to continue seeking deals with the people actually making and selling Android devices and waiting for the residual money to roll in.More at the Microsoft News Centerlast_img read more