JFK Requested to Transition in 90 Days

first_imgThe Senate has requested the Minister of Health and Members of the Board of Directors of the John F. Kennedy Hospital (JFK), to fully implement in 90 days, the recently passed amended JFK Law, which among other things, calls for new leadership at that referral hospital.The Senate decision came through a motion by Nimba County Senator Thomas S. Grupee, a splendid power-point presentation by Health Minister and Chairperson of the JFK board Madam Bernice Dahn; and a lengthy period of grilling by the Senate Plenary.The motion by Senator Grupee who chairs the committee on Internal Affairs, Governance and Reconciliation, also requested the Peter Coleman-chaired committee on Health, Gender, and Social Welfare to arrange and carry out a tour of the facilities of the JFK, which according toMinister Dahn, is currently undergoing major renovations at the cost of US$30 million. Also, the high-powered four-member board delegation to last week’s presentation in the Chambers of the Senate, which included JFK Administrator Madam Wvannie Scott McDonald, was requested to address the exorbitant fees reportedly paid by patients for their treatment at that hospital.During her presentation, Minister Dahn disclosed that the Board is already implementing some aspects of the new JFK Act, and told the lawmakers that the transition is a process that needs careful and thorough planning. “We want to put a system in place so that any team that will take over administration of the JFK will continue from where we may stop, and will not have to start from scratch,” Minister Dahn said.Minister Dahn clarified that as long as those calling themselves members of the Health Workers Association of Liberia are willing to remain within the borders of professionalism as medical practitioners who took the oath to protect lives, she will work with them, but not as a union, emphasizing that politics must be taken out of the hospitals and medical centers.The JFK Administrator Dr. McDonald, who formed part of the delegation to the Senate, told Senators that the initial amount of US$4.2 million used to jump start the first renovation of the JFK in 40 years, was money realized from fees charged patients treated at the Center over a two-year period.The latest decision by the Senate that brought Minister Dahn and her board to the Senate, was based on a communication from Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif, in which she recounted the difficulties financially depressed ordinary citizens go through at the JFK to get services such as laboratory analyses, which she said sometimes takes a week. Senator Doe-Sherif’s concerns were buttressed by Grand Kru County Senator and chairman on Health Committee Peter Coleman, who warned that pressure must be brought to bear on the Chairman of the board who happens to be the Minister of Health, to ensure that the amended JFK law that was passed, is implemented.“We are not going to go anywhere and our people will continue to suffer. There is a need for a change of administration at the JFK and the way it is run,” Senator Sheriff said.Meanwhile, the Senate has closed for its annual constituency break, and will return in the second week of January, 2017.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgThe second annual Gartan Lake 5 Mile Road Race takes place on June 26th next at 3pm.Arguably the most scenic race in Donegal, the event has now been made part of the Donegal Grand Prix series. But that’s not to say that walkers and fun runners aren’t welcome to the event because they are!Organiser Eunan McBride said he is looking forward to a great day.“There will be serious athletes there and we are hoping they can achieve great times on the day.“But the event is also about having fun and we are hoping as many fun runners and walkers come along as possible. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier,” he said. Las year’s event was in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation and money raised from this year’s race will go towards the upkeep of two local schools, Glenswilly NS and Glendowan NS.Registration for the event takes place in Gartan from 12 noon onwards and there will be refrshments for all afterwards.“All we need now is a sunny day and we will really have everything because the course itself is blessed with beautiful scenery along the lake,” added Eunan.*Pictured above is Richard McNamara, McDonald’s Restaurant, Letterkenny, presenting Eunan McBride with sponsorship for the forthcoming Gartan lake 5 Mile Road Race, Fun Run and Walk. Also pictured are Bernie Lapsley, Glenswilly NS Parent’s Association and Patrick McMonagle, Parent’s Association Glendowan NS (Picture by Clive Wasson).EndsDONEGAL’S MOST SCENIC ROAD RACE GETS UNDER STARTER’S ORDERS! was last modified: June 13th, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Gartan Road Racelast_img read more

Sterling named player of the month

first_imgRaheem Sterling has been named the Premier League’s Player of the Month for August.Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was on the shortlist after a superb start to the season, but the award went to the Harlesden-raised Manchester City player.Antonio Valencia of Manchester United and Hull City defender Curtis Davies were also in the running.“To receive personal awards is great, but it really is all about the team,” said Sterling.“We’re only just at the beginning of the campaign and there is a long way to go, but I only hope that this is a sign of things to come and by the end of the season the team will be getting our hands on some silverware.”The stats suggested Hazard would be the winnerSee also:Praise for Sterling after Man City winThe stats show Hazard must be player of the monthFans on Twitter react to Sterling beating Hazard to awardInjured Sterling out of England squadFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Electrify Africa: bringing light to the dark continent

first_img“So, a light where currently there is darkness; the energy needed to lift people out of poverty — that’s what opportunity looks like,” President Obama said launching his Power Africa initiative. (Image: One.org) • Andrew Herscowitz Co-ordinator USAid [email protected] • New African energy projects leapfrog outdated technologies • Cooperation, trade and education key to Africa’s success – Coleman • Global perceptions key to competitiveness and foreign investment • Simple solar solution for rural Africa • Middle class Africa: meet the new African consumerSulaiman PhilipEarly in May, a year after being introduced in the US House of Representatives, the Electrify Africa Bill, HR 2548, passed with support from Democrats and Republicans. This is just the first hurdle in the bill becoming law, but it is a step closer to providing power to 500 million Africans by 2020.The Electrify Africa Bill is one of the first programmes in President Barack Obama’s Power Africa initiative. The American plan – in co-operation with international and African business, the World Bank, the European Union, the African Development Bank and African governments – envisions a continent generating enough electricity to provide light and power for all its inhabitants.As Africa’s economy grows and its population multiplies, a lack of electricity is stunting development. For the seven out of 10 Africans – 589 million people – who do not have access to any electricity, a reliable supply would really change their lives. It would allow communities to create more jobs through a flourishing private sector, make it possible for students to study long after dark and for hospitals to safely store lifesaving vaccines and expand the reach of medical services.Without access to electricity, Africans are forced to pay ever larger percentages of their income on expensive and unhealthy alternatives. Diesel fumes running generators have increased the rate of respiratory disease and uncontrolled harvesting of wood has increased the rate of deforestation on the continent. The dark continent, this graphic shows power use across the globe today. (Image: One.org)Partnership modelWhen he announced the programme in a speech at the University of Cape Town in June 2013, Obama said: “We are moving beyond the simple provision of assistance, foreign aid, to a new model of partnership between America and Africa, a partnership of equals that focuses on your capacity to solve problems, and your capacity to grow.”At least $7-billion (about R73-billion) has been earmarked by the US government in loan guarantees, financial support and the cost of the support and expertise of 12 American government agencies. The International Energy Agency says that it will take $300-billion in investment to supply all of Africa with a safe, regular power supply. Ideally small businesses as well as large corporations should benefit from the American investment but language in the Electrify Africa legislation and the Power Africa initiative is loaded in favour of multinationals.The programmes will be run by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic), an independent government agency set up to advance US foreign policy by aiding American corporations to invest in new or difficult markets.Africa is a minefield of regulations and legal frameworks governing the use of natural resources. Companies have very often been shy of doing business in some African markets because local standards of good governance have not provided the transparency required and have meant they run the risk of sanctions under European and American foreign trade practice legislation. In essence, it means a chief executive could be held legally responsible if his company knew of or could reasonably expected to know that profits and royalties from their operations were being diverted to enrich a few connected individuals.Legislation issuesThe Power Africa initiative is designed to smooth the legal and legislative path for western corporations. Projects certified by Opic, it is believed, will ensure that the people of Africa enjoy the benefits of oil, gas and green energy powered projects.Andrew Herscowitz, the Power Africa co-ordinator, explains that the involvement at government level has made it easier for projects to get off the ground. He points to a project in Tanzania that almost died. “The standard length of Tanzanian power purchasing agreements was 15 years, short enough to give many investors cold feet. With some pressure from Power Africa and from other donors, the government agreed to extend the term from 15 years to 25 years.”One, an advocacy group founded by Irish singer Bono, has spoken out against an understaffed Opic and its one size fits all policy, especially when it comes to investment in Africa. The group has expressed concerns that the Electrify Africa legislation, while acknowledging the viability of renewable energy in Africa, is weighted to give large corporations an easier path to new reserves of oil and gas in Africa.The group points out that the bill highlights green and off the grid projects but just $2-million has been allocated to the latter; and just 0.3% of the overall budget is allocated to preparation and development of renewable energy projects. One would like to see more resources and investment directed towards alternative energy sources. By tapping into green sources of energy – sun, wind, water or heat from the Earth’s core and Africa’s untapped natural gas supplies – power generation could be immediate.Traditional versus renewablesFor now, Opic is concentrating on large traditional projects that require the construction of infrastructure. These are projects that take years and huge investment before any power is generated.Ben Leo, an analyst at the Centre for Global Development and a former director of African affairs at the White House, has argued for time for the staff running the Power Africa project to find its feet. Some African governments – Tanzania, which is enjoying a boom in natural gas discoveries, and Nigeria, which is heavily dependent on oil, for instance – are not willing to listen to arguments for clean options. “If the Power Africa initiative is going to meet its generation and access targets, then it’ll need to take a flexible approach. That means supporting renewables in some places and non-renewable in other places.”As the US and its large corporations compete with China for influence in Africa, many NGOs have expressed concerns that gigantic energy corporations have influenced the investment choices made by Opic. Moving away from innovative green technologies will affect rural communities the most, according to Innovation: Africa, an Israeli NGO that is electrifying rural schools and clinics using solar power.The group said that Power Africa was “a ‘win-win’ – helping to combat energy poverty while providing new investment opportunities for US businesses but small, innovative projects that could bring power to communities off the grid, which is especially important since rural populations are worse off in terms of electricity access, should not be neglected”.Going geothermal in EthiopiaThe Ethiopian town of Corbetti is the first site to benefit from the US plan to leverage private sector expertise to build power grids across Africa. The Corbetti geothermal project is a partnership between the Ethiopian government and the Icelandic company Reykjavik Geothermal and will be among the largest geothermal projects in the world. Once completed, it should generate 1 000MW of power in a country that generates just 2 000MW through its hydroelectric facilities.For Ragassa Sekako, who faces a six-hour trek to get clean water from Lake Awassa, the geothermal project holds the promise of clean water on tap in Corbetti. It will mean electrically powered appliances to cook with and light to study by after dark. “This project will benefit the people. We hope they are going to build a road and bring us jobs as well.”  For the people of Corbetti the Power Africa geothermal project would mean an end to a 6 hour trek to clean water. (Image: USAid)last_img read more

Giving Up More Than You Believe You Are Giving Up

first_imgThe fact that you can send an email has caused you to give up on using the telephone. Choosing an inferior communication medium simply because it is more convenient is laziness or fear, neither of which are a justification.The fact that you can view a profile on LinkedIn has caused you to do less research, and mostly the wrong kind. The insights you need aren’t going to be found in a single location, and deep insights are going to require a wider, deeper approach.The fact that you can automate communications with your dream clients has eliminated the effort of nurturing relationships. Without meaning to, you have given up caring and absolved yourself of the responsibility to be known for something.Because you acquire inbound leads, you have dropped all outbound prospecting. You have traded one method of acquiring leads for all of the other methods for creating opportunities. Read this sentence again to take in the full meaning here.Now that a lot of communication is electronic, you pay less attention to the person sitting in front of you, whether it’s a peer or a client. You have traded intimacy for the distractions of the open laptop lid and the tiny screen of infinite distractions. The technology that allows you to communicate without having a physical presence has reduced your face to face visits. You have given up depth in exchange for something less.The SMEs that accompany you on calls have caused you to abandon the efforts you need to develop real business acumen. You have given up your role as trusted advisor, trading it for the role of passenger in critical conversations, observing, but offering nothing of substance.Because you can generate reports without having the person report their own effort and results, you have given up accountability at all levels. You have also given up the best performance your people are capable of.The discounts that you routinely agree to have prevented your team from learning to defend your pricing and justify the delta between your price and your competitors. You have given up capturing part of the value you create to make selling easy.Most of the time, taking the easy way also means giving up the greater, long-term results that accrue to those who make a better choice, a choice that you are unwilling to make, but perfectly capable of. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Why You Must Not Fear Your Client

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Fear has no place in sales. You are now being told that you must not use any form of cold outreach to engage your prospective client. To do so, say some, is to destroy your chances of developing relationships and making your intentions suspect. You are no longer allowed to be a hunter, and instead, you must be a fisherman, leaving lines in the water and waiting patiently for opportunities to come to you.You are also being told that you have no insights that are outside of what your clients already know, thanks to the information parity provided by the internet. It’s a mystery how one might gain the hundreds and thousands of experiences you and your company have gained by helping that same number of clients over the course of your lifetime—and the collective experience of your company over its existence. They say it’s the internet, but information and wisdom are distinct and different things.You are being told that your prospective client now has all the power in the relationship. Armed with the internet, they are increasingly taking control of the process of buying, and anything you do to try to help control the process is simply you being pushy, self-oriented, smarmy, and old school. Even though this is not what salespeople are experiencing by proposing and helping their clients take the necessary steps to make a change in their organizations—and even though the research shows that the truth is quite the opposite of what you are being told by pseudo-experts.What you are hearing now is not the truth. For a long time, salespeople were trained and taught approaches that were in fact designed to take advantage of their customers and clients. They used high-pressure sales techniques and tactics, so much so that laws were made to allow consumers to rescind a contract within three days of its signing. Now, however, you are witnessing a new generation of charlatans and frauds categorize cold outreach as something on the same level as a high-pressure sales tactic.You must resist this line of thinking. To succeed in sales, you must be someone who believes themselves to be a peer, someone with insights worth sharing and advice worth following, and someone who is a strategic partner and an integral part of the client’s decision-making around the outcomes they produce. To be something less than this is to be someone who is subservient, timid, and not worthy of being a real partner.There is a difference between being consultative and being milquetoast. Being other-oriented is not the same thing as the total and abject wimpification of the professional salesperson.If you are afraid to make a phone call, you are not going to be anyone’s trusted counsel.Don’t let anyone feed you their fears, especially when they do so to gain attention and money by preying on other people’s lack of confidence.last_img read more

Liverpool F.C. to test Arsene Wenger’s faith in three-man defence

first_imgArsene Wenger’s faith in his three-man Arsenal F.C. defence will be sorely tested in the build-up to his side’s visit to a goal-hungry Liverpool F.C. on Sunday where any soft centre will likely be cruelly punished.The Frenchman’s decision to start the season with a system he introduced at the tail end of the previous campaign has so far looked questionable in a pulsating 4-3 home victory over Leicester City F.C. and defeat at Stoke City F.C.Wenger dropped Rob Holding for the visit to Stoke F.C., preferring Shkodran Mustafi alongside Nacho Monreal and Sead Kolasinac at the back.It hardly looked any more secure and although the return of Laurent Koscielny from suspension should bolster his rearguard at Anfield, it would be no great surprise if Wenger reverted to a back four — his tried and trusted system.Whatever he decides, a perceived lack of steel in the Arsenal F.C. spine will have a Liverpool F.C. attack featuring the likes of Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino licking its lips at the prospect of facing the Gunners.Klopp on facing Arsenal: “They are an outstanding strong side. We need the help of the crowd. Let’s make it really difficult for them.” pic.twitter.com/BHtp1jRZSJ- Liverpool FC (@LFC) August 25, 2017??? Crowd performance??? Facing Arsenal??? Wenger respectJrgen Klopp on a ‘special game’ against the Gunners: https://t.co/eRrXMZa3kE pic.twitter.com/UwvKJiJfmD- Liverpool FC (@LFC) August 25, 2017″Liverpool always concede but, going forward, they will have miles too much for this current Arsenal side,” former Gunners midfielder Paul Merson said this week.advertisementIn the last three clashes between the sides Liverpool have racked up 10 goals and have not suffered defeat at home against Arsenal F.C. for five years.The likely return of Alexis Sanchez to the Arsenal F.C. starting line-up alongside big summer signing Alexandre Lacazette after a delayed start to the campaign gives Arsenal cause for optimism in a game that promises to be another high-scoring affair.Especially as Liverpool F.C. have hardly looked watertight at the back so far this season — beginning the campaign with a 3-3 draw against Watford in which their defending was shambolic.Continued uncertainty about Philippe Coutinho’s future has been largely disguised by the electrifying form of Mane, but there is no getting away from Liverpool’s defensive fraility.Despite being swept aside by Liverpool F.C. in the UEFA Champions League playoff in midweek, German club Hoffenheim scored twice at Anfield, underlining the problems manager Juergen Klopp must try to address before the transfer window closes. Reuters PhotoBuoyed by their UEFA Champions League qualification, Liverpool F.C. will start as favourites though as Klopp aims to continue his impressive record against the so-called big clubs.Last season Liverpool took 20 points from their matches against Chelsea F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Manchester City F.C., Manchester United F.C.and Arsenal F.C. — more than any other club.Arsenal F.C. managed nine, which is why all eyes will be on Wenger’s side as they attempt to shed the image of the lightweights amongst the title contenders.All eyes too will be on Sanchez whose future at the club remains uncertain — a cause of worry for the fans but not apparently for Wenger who says the Chilean will still be an Arsenal F.C. player after the transfer window closes.”He has always been focused on his job, he loves to play football and I don’t think he is too disturbed by all the (external) noises that happen,” Wenger said.last_img read more

Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur sanctioned for showing dissent to umpire’s decision

first_imgThe International Cricket Council has handed Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur one demerit point and a warning after he accepted a charge of showing dissent following their six wicket loss to South Africa in the first Test at Centurion Park on Friday.Arthur stormed into third umpire Joel Wilson’s room and questioned a decision to deny Azhar Ali a clean catch at first slip off South African opener Dean Elgar that had been given out on the field, but was overturned by Wilson on review.Arthur, who has also coached his native South Africa and Australia, was seething at the incident that occurred when the home side were 16 for one in pursuit of a modest target of 149 on a difficult wicket.He was officially charged by Wilson for “showing dissent at an umpire’s decision during an international match” after questioning the decision and left the room immediately afterwards.”After the match, the Pakistan coach admitted the offence and accepted the sanction proposed by match referee David Boon. As such, there was no need for a formal hearing,” an ICC statement said.South Africa eased to victory in the first Test after weathering superb spells from the Pakistan pacemen in the first hour of the day as Elgar (50) and Hashim Amla (63 not out) put on a match-winning stand of 119 for the second wicket.Also Read | Boxing Day Test: South Africa crush Pakistan by 6 wickets to take 1-0 leadAlso Read | Sir Alastair Cook: Former England captain knighted in Queen’s New Year Honours listAlso See:advertisementlast_img read more