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first_img Comments are closed. Furthering the causeOn 1 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today Business is missing a trick by not exploiting further education colleges fortheir e-learning prowess, says Maggie Roy of the LSCE-learning represents an important option among the plethora of trainingchoices available today. The internet plays an integral role in life, so it isgood news that learners can access training opportunities through this medium.With this in mind, further education (FE) colleges have developed an extensiverange of e-learning initiatives, tailored to the needs of the workplace. FE colleges can play a crucial role in enabling businesses to make the mostof opportunities offered by e-learning. Dedicated business units mean thesecolleges are finely attuned to the skills needed in the workplace. Vocationalcourses are created in response to these needs, thereby addressing skillsshortages and creating a more qualified workforce. Despite the training opportunities on offer from FE colleges, includinge-learning options, businesses have been slow to exploit this resource. A large number of organisations choose to spend precious resources buying incommercial training packages when there are quality-assured training programmesavailable from FE colleges. This includes the cost of e-learning initiatives. First and foremost, theyoffer flexibility in an era when demands are increasingly being made onemployees’ time. As e-learning packages can be accessed 24-hours a day,learners can choose when they want to learn and at what pace, rather thancomplying with a classroom schedule. In addition, this level of accessibilitymeans training does not have to occur during working hours. For this reason, itrepresents a viable option to staff who find it difficult to marry trainingobjectives with their work commitments. Perhaps the greatest benefit which FE colleges can bring via e-learning andother media is an upsurge in skills among the workforce. These range from problem-solving and improved literacy, to gaining theability to communicate effectively. Not least are the IT skills whiche-learning cultivates, again an essential tool in the workplace. It is clear therefore, that the advent of e-learning has created manypositive results with enormous potential for the future. It is equally clear,however, that employers need to utilise FE colleges to a greater extent ifthese results are to be fully exploited. Maggie Roy is workforce development manager of the Learning and SkillsCouncil www.lsc.gov.uk Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more