Do a good job site correlation water into the canal from itself

everyone wrote the proposition, if subject words, and our website score as can be imagined, in the layout process, did not grasp the theme, is a direct result of the ranking is hard to do. The search engine and users of our website theme will have a judgment, if our website content keywords, Title Correlation degree is not high, it is equivalent to cry up wine and sell vinegar. Common is a website to do more unrelated products or projects, there is a large number of enterprises enterprise station news, industry trends, talent recruitment, registration information during flooding, actually has little effect on the website, the user is not much came to see the news. Therefore, these irrelevant information will interfere with the user’s reading, reduce the relevance of the site, the consequences are also very serious, affecting keywords ranking, enhance website jumping out rate. Therefore, we only realize that correlation and user demand are closely related, and fully address the needs of users in order to make the rankings more stable. read more

Mao Hongliang how to make use of your website resources to make money

as a webmaster, proud of, of course, is hard to build their own website, we also know that the site is made by advertising. Therefore, the establishment of Web sites to do traffic has become a required course for each webmaster. The most traditional form of advertising is advertising. A good advertising can be sold per month or even hundreds of thousand dollars, but now it seems not many companies are willing to put in the small hard advertising website, the so-called hard advertising is that advertisers directly and you negotiate advertising, those monthly package of advertising, advertising is called the hard. The demand for hard advertising is not high, or it has something to do with the current network environment. read more

How much are you paying for the 5 billion for AdSense

, according to Google global online sales and operations vice president David Fischer yesterday in Beijing to accept an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, revealed that Google last year to the global Adsense account $5 billion. It is reported that this expenditure accounts for about 20 billion of Google’s annual revenue of $1/4, and the power of the station has a very important help for its business. This is the original words on the news, in this does not talk about grassroots AdSense for their business help important or not, just say to the webmaster of this white Hua Hua 5 billion dollars concept, read more

809 generation network pioneering Road individual core competitiveness

webmaster friends everybody is good, I is the "809 generation", my webmaster age less than March, feeling in the actual operation of the site. This gave some personal ideas, and want to start the local personal webmaster said, welcome to communicate with you, the "webmaster nets" first, all copyright Malone Dragon such as, please indicate from the station network".

is very important for the individual stationmaster competitiveness, has very strong competitive power to resist the possible competition with the industry and unpredictable problems have very important role, but how to cultivate the core competitiveness can not be copied is very important. read more

Analysis of the promotion methods of video sharing network

for several days did not write video sharing network status series of articles, recently because of busy work, coupled with the previous home live far away, home from work is very late, no time and energy to write. Moving now, I’m close to work. Finally, take some time to write about what interests you. This and everyone analysis, TOP6 video site used what promotion means?.

———————————————————————————————— read more

Do guest we should take a responsibility

nowadays, Amoy more and more widely accepted, more and more users are eager to do Amoy Amoy. Through the forum, blog, site advertising for businesses, with their own hard work to earn some pocket money, businesses can Amoy propaganda also expand visibility, increase sales, to achieve a win-win situation. I think these can be encouraged, because it also make full use of cyber source. But there is one thing I think about, that is the responsibility of the.


on TV and other media, star endorsement of a product advertising, if advertising product quality problem, people will ask the stars you used this product? Is not the one who gave you pay more than you give who advertising read more

Baidu old old station laughed the new owners cry

thanks the Admin5 Adsense nets, give them a good publicity platform, a few articles I write the very dish, still can pass the examination, N said the picture always support our brother to write text, which I also tasted the benefits. As long as the fastest two or three minutes will be included in Baidu, a two chain is a PHP page, a HTML page, but this is very magical ah ~! Comrades against being called the psychological, to write the original stationmaster net, do not care about the opinions of others, anyway. Lin Zi what birds are big, just like the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake, Chinese face big grief, but a lot of people to hype, even more bizarre is also called Chinese Chinese, pull away. read more

How to make your website attractive to customers

many companies or individuals do web sites, or design unique, or bright colors, or powerful, all want to make their website improve the amount of access. Jiyuan information online ( combined with its own course and the current trend of the Internet, willing to share with you our successful experience. In fact, this will not only attract your customers to visit your website, but also increase the number of clicks:

1 offers short term discounts.

Internet users like cheap goods, which is a good way to attract eyeballs. Using short-term sales to stimulate people’s desire to spend, if the time is too long, the user may give up buying. Let users know that specials are always changing, so that they can be encouraged to visit your website regularly. Offers are also innovative, such as giving free gifts instead of direct discounts. read more

Don’t underestimate the cost of the website construction site

often see some reports "XX rely on the web site a monthly income of XX yuan, the construction cost is only a few hundred dollars to the words" this kind of. It seems that making money online and beautifying the environment can make money as long as you go in. Can truly from the network from getting too high normal profits and how many people? Every day against the cold computer code words, with the chain, the station is apart from us, who can understand? Novice webmaster, should also address the website construction cost, don’t be by simple language. A good website, not a few hundred yuan built up, it’s finished, it requires you to invest too much, too much effort and money. read more

How can the website of novel kind let the quantity of visit be stabilized

I’m going to talk about my website today, and discuss the prospect of the novel station by the way. In April last year, I have been thinking of what station, what station flow on the fast, and I also like to read novels, on the assessment of interest, do pull a novel station. When is the first time to do, what also do not understand, even corn is a friend sent me a level two, to read a drop-down online program, and then excitedly began to do station just started to drive very full day to manually update, Post Bar to post, about a month to four thousand IP. The daily income is very low (may then not AD) I remember the first time I like to pull the income of more than 100, very glad to receive the first money, still Fantasy: this month’s Cigarette Money! Was also very satisfied, the first online money that adhere to the 878 month appearance, just started the drive did not pull, read the program is rubbish, I also very server garbage station is bigger and have no interest in hanging every two or three days, is not easy to do. read more